The Need In Branford

  • Unless financial hardship has struck your family, neighbor or a friend, you’re probably not aware of what is happening throughout Branford.

    • The Branford Counseling Center is reporting current fiscal year expenditures include $60,000 in utilities and $65,000 in rents. The good news is the heat and the lights remain on in many homes in Branford, but just as we all experience in our budgets, proportionately the dollars for utilities continue to increase at a much faster rate than other expenses.
    • 4,205 individuals in Branford were living under 200% of the Federal Poverty level in 2005-2009, which is $22,340 annual income for individuals and $46,100 for a family of four.
    • Branford’s average unemployed rate has jumped from 2% to 6.6%. Jobs in CT are coming back slower than the rate across the country.
    • In 2009-2010, 950 applications for Food Stamps were received, and that continues to rise.
    • 18.9% of students are eligible for free or reduced school meals. There is no summer program.
    • Housing and transportation costs combined are 45% of a household budget.
    • Heating expenses for Branford’s poorest families average $2,200 more than what they can afford.
  • Branford’s Social Service Agencies

  • Several town-specific and regionally based not-for-profit social service agencies provide funds and services to assist Branford residents with unmet basic needs. Some are listed here with links to their web sites.

    In addition to Branford’s own resources, our key service agencies received $180,000 over the last four years, from the Neighbor-to-Neighbor Lifeline program of the United Way of Greater New Haven. Those dollars helped 329 individuals with emergency relief and prevented homelessness for 56 individuals.

  • Branford Counseling Center

    Clients are increasingly seeking basic needs help, rather than crises intervention or chronic mental health issues. Visit their web site to learn about their broad spectrum of services. It’s more than you know!

  • The Community Dining Room and The Branford Food Pantry and BHcare Clothing Bank

    The Community Dining Room serves 4,000 meals a month, provides take-out meals, and serves a family evening dinner. The Food Pantry provides groceries to those in need. The Clothing Bank provides clothing, footwear, linens and personal care items to people in need. Visit their web sites to learn more and share with those who might benefit.

  • Canoe Brook Center

    It’s not just a recreational center for seniors! The Energy Fuel Assistance Program—which is for everyone—is managed here. Over 900 applications for fuel assistance were processed this winter. Senior-specific programs include expertise in a broad spectrum of elder care issues. Visit their web site to learn more.

  • Orchard House

    Dedicated to keeping Shoreline area seniors living in the community as independently as possible for as long as possible. Orchard House offers adult day health care including programs of health monitoring and structured activities designed to meet the individual needs of clients and their families.