About Us

  • Branford Cares is a totally volunteer initiative. The willingness and generosity of individuals and professionals to contribute their time and talent to support such a large undertaking, is what created early confidence that the initiative will be a success. In the beginning, there are always questions about where does the seed money come from, how much of the start up services can be donated to keep expenses as low as possible, etc. Branford Cares touches peoples’ compassion. They immediately know it is the right thing to do and they say, “How can I help?” without a second thought. We are most grateful for everyone’s response and those in need will be most grateful for yours!

  • Mission

  • The mission of Branford Cares is to strengthen community awareness and compassion for those who struggle to afford the basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, medical care, transportation and utilities; to encourage and support the people of Branford in creative acts of generosity; and to promote intra-community dialogue for the benefit of all.

  • Vision

  • Our vision for Branford is a more aware, compassionate, and integrated community in which our citizens embrace a collective responsibility to one another, particularly those who are less fortunate. We imagine a town in which it is deemed a privilege to make sacrifices for the good of others.

  • Goals

  • 1. That the entire community shows compassion for their neighbors through participation in events, purchases or contributions.

    2. Funds raised will be used to meet basic needs which are:

    • Food to prevent hunger and poor nutrition
    • Shelter/rental and mortgage assistance
    • Utilities for lights and heat
    • Health / Medical
    • Clothing
    • Transportation
  • Leadership

  • Branford Cares is a collaborative initiative among elected officials, the religious community, town business people and the citizens of Branford. Accordingly, the Executive Board is a representation of these interested groups.

    Eunice LaSala, President Branford Community Foundation

    Most of us in Branford are fortunate.Yet, one out of six residents is in need of the necessities of life. Branford Cares is a unique opportunity for each one of us to assist his or her neighbor by participating in an agenda of worthwhile endeavors. Working together will assure that the basic needs of all our citizens are met.


    Maria Arnold, Vice President of Development, United Way of Greater New Haven

    We all want the same opportunities for our family, community and region: children who are nurtured and have excellent opportunities beginning at birth and individuals and families that are financially stable. United Way believes that working collaboratively to meet the most basic needs for Branford residents is a shared responsibility and benefit for all.

    Rev. Sharon Gracen, Rector, Trinity Episcopal Church

    “This is the Gospel for me. I am supposed to love my neighbor and see Jesus in every person I see, and do for them what I can.”


    David Carswell, Guilford Savings Bank

    I can’t help but think, “There but for the grace of God, go I.” Financial disaster can happen to anyone, any time. None of us are immune.

    Andrew Campbell, Selectman

    Branford Cares is a wonderful expression of Branford’s community spirit, not only in its inward focus toward our caring for the neediest among us, but also in the integration and cooperation of so many groups and pockets of neighbors toward our community. As we have historically accomplished, it seems an immediate symbol of one of the virtues of living in Branford and enjoying and celebrating who we are as a community. I am pleased and honored to be part of this initiative, and proud of residing in a community where this sort of broad-based community support for our own is so highly valued."